Annie Hall MCPH RSHom



Annie Hall MCPH RSHom initially came to know homeopathy when living in France. The more she saw how easily it helped keep her four children happy and well the more interested she became in it. When returning to live in the UK in 1986 she decided to train to become a homeopath. Annie graduated and completed her Post Graduate year at the

Midland College of Practical Homoeopathy .


In 2004 Annie was awarded a prestigious Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship to go to France and the USA to study how homeopaths there treated children with ADHD. One of the reasons Annie chose the USA was because there are more children diagnosed with this condition there. The American medical profession has been prescribing these children Ritalin for longer than they have here, so the homeopaths there have more experience of working alongside this and other drugs. Since then she has become an expert on this subject. Annie then trained as an adult education teacher so that she could share her joy about homeopathy with as many people in a fun and instructive way.

She is now more in demand for talks, workshops and lectures around England and now Europe on this subject as well as others. Having recently done so for Swellhoms, the Society of Homeopaths, the ARH Annual Conference, among others,.This summer she has run a workshop on ADHD for French peadiactric homeopaths and is booked to do one in Switzerland next year.

Annie feels strongly that good basic homeopathy along with tips on a healthier life style is what makes a great homeopath. That we are all of us there already, and experience and increased confidence will make us all even greater. To help practitioners and students get to this level Annie runs a monthly study group and a local practitioners shared lunch from her home in Stamford, Lincolnshire.

Anne has run clinics in Louth and Lincoln for a number of years and now also has a clinic in her home in Stamford, where she often shares the space with students. Annie is also on the list of supervisors with the Society of Homeopaths where she has been a registered member for a number of years.