A one day seminar with Colin Griffith 

Friday 21 September 2007  10am – 5pm

‘The true cause of cancer is really no different than any other chronic and potentially terminal disease – it is the ‘soil’ that we prepare for it to develop in, by not being able to process experience into a positive light.’ (The Companion to Homeopathy. Colin Griffith)

About the speaker

Colin Griffith is a highly respected and effective practitioner with years of experience. His recent book, ‘The Companion to Homeopathy. The Practitioner's Guide,’ has become a “must to have” book for every homeopath. He is one of the founder members of The Guild of Homoeopaths and is involved in the medative provings of new remedies. He lectures regularly at the Centre for Homoeopathic Education, Regent’s College, London and has lectured in America, Canada, Japan and Greece. Colin Griffith is a regular speaker for Galahomeopathy.

About the seminar

Colin views Cancer as, beyond all others, a ‘learning disease.’ “The seeds of the disease lie within both the psyche and heredity.... Cancer miasm is a 'journey', one in which we have the opportunity to unravel the tangle of suppression, trauma and 'wrong pass' decisions in a past.” Colin believes that the process of treatment demands that the patient goes back to the very beginning to re-examine everything, this is a journey that requires the patient to explore their present selves in light of their pasts. 
In this one day seminar, Colin will expertly guide you through the day, continuously touching on his own experience, beautifully illustrating his point through the use of anecdotes and enchanting stories, as well as providing a fascinating depth of insight and knowledge in this subject. Colin's precision for detail and superior grasp of homeopathy will leave you wanting to come back for more!

What you will learn

  • The maismatic background of cancer and the relationship between cancer and the other miasms.
  • How to read the chakras in relation to cancer and using relevant therapeutics and strategies for prescribing.
  • The significance of the endocrine system with particular reference to the Thymus Gland and the role it plays in cancer patients’ treatment.
  • Carcinosin, the remedy, and its relationship with other common and less familiar remedies.
  • The use of new remedies in treating patients through their cancer journey.



"It was a fabulouse day  and thank you for everything. The food was lovely - as ever." R.F-F. homeopath Kent

"... I thought the day was very good, I enjoyed it and will be coming again.  Colin as usual was excellent with very helpful information, but also I thought the whole day was brilliantly organised, the food was good, everyone was so friendly including the lovely book lady!" L.D. homeopath Kent 
"Thank you for an excellent day last Friday. It was both interesting and enjoyable." A.S. homeopath Buckinghamshire

From the seminar feedback forms

"Really enjoyed the whole day!"
"Absolutly brilliant!"