A one day seminar with Hilery Dorrian

Saturday 3 November 2007  10am – 5pm

“The healing powers of herbs have been used in many different civilizations through the ages.”

About the speaker


Hilery has 25 years experience as a professional homeopath and runs a very busy practice in Surrey. Being a Chinese herbalist and an acupuncturist, she has a wealth of experience and a great interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine, including herbs. Her passion for the healing power of plants led her to create the Barefoot Botanicals natural skin care range in which she runs a general advice column on her website, specialising in skin conditions.  She is a regular lecturer for many colleges and is frequently asked to speak at various events.  Hilery  attracts  large audiences who always seem to be drawn to her enthusiasm and down-to-earth approach.  

About the seminar


In this seminar, Hilery will talk about the use of herbs to support homeopathic treatment.  Her interest in herbs is wide ranging and she will describe the important role that herbal remedies can play in any homeopathic practice.  Hilery will illustrate how certain herbs can enable organs to rebalance and re-establish equilibrium to support normal and proper function and how they can be effectively combined with homeopathy.  She values the healing effect of each herb but she also believes that they can be used in combination for specific complaints such as menopause, insomnia and eczema which will be covered in the seminar. ‘When herbal remedies are used together with homeopathic remedies, the effects are synergistic and therefore have the potential for an even greater healing effect.’

What you will learn

You will learn how to use herbal combinations for specific conditions such as menopause, eczema and insomnia.  Hilery will also cover a number of single herbal remedies explaining their sphere of action, including:
  • Crataegus, known as the ‘blood vitaliser,’ believed to strengthen cardiovascular function and prevent heart pathology;
  • Carduus Marianus (Milk Thistle) which acts as an herbal detoxifier for the liver;
  • Hypericum or St John’s Wort, a popular herbal remedy for depression as well as  anxiety, sleep disorders, bacterial and viral infections and skin wounds;
  • The use of tinctures for female problems such as Agnus Castus, used since ancient times to regulate the female reproductive system and ease menopausal symptoms. 
  • Saw Palmetto, used mainly for prostate health;
  • Echinacea which is most widely used to boost the immune system due to its ability to fight off infection and illness. What other herbs can support Echinacea in its action.


"Thanks for Saturday - it was great. Hilery is such good value; she is such a professional presenter.  She knows her brief, says what she's going to say, says it; and is very clear about what she won't be able to cover in the time.  In other words she has a realistic expectation of what she'll be able to cover in the time.  I really like that I didn't get the feeling there was stuff I really wanted to hear but we just didn't have time for."   M.B. homeopath, High Wycombe

"Thank you for organising the seminar on Saturday, it was wonderful." A.C. homeopath, Suffolk

It was a most interesting and informative day yesterday!" L.S. homeopath, London

"Hilery is fantastic. She is so generous with her knowlege." from the seminar feedback form.