An evening talk with Yubraj Sharma

Thursday 17th May 2007 7.15 - 10 pm

Yubraj Sharma is a medical doctor and Shamanic healer. He runs the School of Shamanic Homoeopathy – a four year undergraduate training in homoeopathy integrated with meditation, crystals, healing, herbalism, flower essences and spiritual training. He has developed an integration of homoeopathy with many aspects of esoteric lore (such as theosophy, anthroposophy), ancient systems (e.g. Egyptian, Mayan, Chinese) and with wide-ranging topics such as art history, astrology and craniosacral medicine. He has written three books, including a 2 volume set called ‘Spiritual Bioenergetics of Materia Medica’, which integrates the above perspectives for 151 of our remedies

About the talk

This talk is concerned with a few key topics within esoteric world history and cultural mythology and their significance in relation to the materia medica. Thus the remedies may be seen in the context of world and human evolution. Specific topics that are covered include:
  • The Lemurian stage of human evolution, the development of the reproductive system, the significance of the 'Fall' of humanity, and connecting this theme to the remedies Clay, Syphilinum, Baryta carbonicum and Lachesis. 
  • The Atlantean stage of human evolution, the development of the emotional vehicle, and linking this to the remedies Anacardium, Berlin wall and Medorrhinum. 
  • The Eleusinian Mystery teachings of ancient Greece, the goddess Demeter-Persephone/Kore myths and abduction of Persephone, with an understanding of the remedies Secale, Lac lupinum, Rosslyn biolab & Rosslyn chapel.
  • The castration of Uranus, birth of Venus-Aphrodite and the remedies Uranium and Cuprum.
  • The legend of Prometheus, his punishment by the gods, and the remedies Phosphorus and Tuberculinum.
  • Theseus and the Minotaur, and the remedy DPT (vaccine).
  • The Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary and the remedy Lilium tigrinum.
  • The life and death of St. John the Baptist, and the remedy Hypericum.
  • Episodes