Books for sale

By: Galina Boggis-Rolfe Wednesday, March 13, 2013 5:46:20 PM

Books for sale

If you would like to order a book just e-mail to us and we will post it to you for free.

Alphabetical Repertory of Meditative Remedies

(combined Vol 1 and Vol 2)

by Maryon and Peter  Joyce

Price: £45 (Free postage for UK only) 

Books by Colin Griffith 

The  New Materia Medica part II Further Key Remedies for the Future of Homeopathy


Price: £45 (Free postage for UK only

The  New Materia Medica part I Key Remedies for the Future of Homeopathy 

new MM



Book Reviews:

Review by Louise Mclean


The Companion to Homeopathy The Practitioner's Guide


Price £20 (Free postage for UK only


Book Reviews:

Reviewed By: Dr. Manish Bhatia

Review from The Homeopath

Review from Homoeopathic Links 

Review from Simillimum

Review from Homeopathy Today

The Practical Handbook of Homeopathy The How, When, Why and Which


Price £12.99 (Free postage for UK only

Book Reviews:

Positive Health Magazine