Caroline Penn

DO(Hons), MSc, MSCC, HANDLE Practitioner


Caroline’s insight

I enjoy working with patients across their whole life span, from birth through to the winter years.  I place an emphasis on preventative care which had fired my enthusiasm for working with infants and for helping folk throughout life to understand their body and be pro-active in maintaining their own health.

I live life to the full and have researched solutions to my own health problems which began with serious head injury in 1977. I never cease to be amazed at the healing power of the body and the incredible changes that osteopathy can achieve.  I have great respect for the different healthcare disciplines and pride myself on seeking out the best complementary approaches and therapists to enhance our osteopathic work at the clinic.  With tough cases, or those wanting to push themselves to higher levels of health and fitness, working as a team offers so much more than one practitioner alone can achieve.”'

Osteopath and neurodevelopment educator Caroline Penn is well known for her teaching, particularly in cranial and energy osteopathy and plagiocephaly. Caroline’s approach embraces every aspect of human dysfunction, including specialisms in working in paediatrics, also with dentists and podiatrists as well as homeopaths.

Caroline Penn qualified from the BSO in 1979 with an honors diploma. She began post graduate studies in cranial osteopathy immediately and was invited to join the BSO post-graduate faculty in 1982.  Since then Caroline has been involved in teaching osteopathy at under-graduate and post-graduate levels and in many countries including Germany, France, Switzerland, Denmark, New Zealand, Australia and USA. Caroline is a qualified teacher and established an accredited teacher's training programme specifically for osteopaths in 1993. Caroline is a founder member of The Sutherland Cranial College - an independent cranial teaching faculty.  Also she is  a founder Osteopath with the Osteopathic Center for Children (Now The Foundation for Pediatric Osteopathy).

Caroline completed a Masters degree in Osteopathy in 2003 undertaking research with infants under three months old with breathing difficulties. She has also studied neurodevelopment and qualified last year as a HANDLE (Holistic Approach to Neuro-Development and Learning Efficiency) practitioner. Caroline offers this fascinating approach, that is applicable to a wide range of problems from Autistic Spectrum through to balance problems, alongside osteopathy and can be use with other therapies like homeopathy.

Caroline opened her clinic - The Penn Clinic in Hatfield, Hertfordshire in 1979 and since then she has been working there together with her colleagues osteopaths, homeopaths and other holistic practitioners. Caroline is passionate about her work and says that preventative care is vitally important. To this end The Penn Clinic has provided free osteopathic checks for newborn infants for the last 30 years. Caroline is an authority on problems in babies and has worked with infants in special care baby units in Hertfordshire and London, and collaborated with audiology services in Hertfordshire for glue ear problems in children.

Caroline has pioneered osteopathic work in the dental field, with jaw and occlusion problems. She has a close working relationship with a number of orthodontists.
Caroline has also taken further study in areas which include, gestalt psychotherapy, traumatic and disc injuries, scoliosis and neurodevelopmental and behavioural issues.

Caroline has special interest in homeopathy and used it all of her practicing life for herself, her family and her patients. Caroline’s clinic offers a unique blend of care, dictated by Caroline’s belief in the gentlest approach for maximum benefit, so homeopathy fits perfectly with her philosophy. Hence Caroline, because of her homeopathic knowledge, is able to network effectively with homeopathic practitioners and enjoys a close working relationship with several homeopaths in Hertfordshire.

Caroline often impressed by success of  osteopathy and homeopathy working together on her patients. She particular likes to work with new meditative remedies like Sycamore seed and Ayahuasca. Caroline can clearly see the effect of the acute homeopathic remedies and constitutional treatment on her patients

Caroline treasures her contact in the 1980s with Dr Donald Foubister (Royal London Homeopathic Hospital 1937), and Berenice Benjelloun (homeopath in WGC) who first inspired Caroline to make homeopathic first aid remedies available in her clinic to support the healing response to osteopathic treatment. Dr David Gemmel and Dr Somper also influenced Caroline’s homeopathic development at that time. The family interest in homeopathy blossomed and in 2000 Caroline’s mother JoMarie Penn, qualified from the Practical College of Homeopathy and from that time Caroline has increased homeopathic exposure in her clinic.