Gordon Sambidge

BSc (Hons) MCH RSHom 


Principal of the Centre for Homeopathic Education

"My own career began with a degree in Botany at the University of London. Shortly after I began to travel extensively and first encountered alternative medicine in Australia. On my return to England I took a course in herbal medicine, which in 1985 led me to study my passion-homeopathy.

 After qualifying as a homeopath I practised for five years gaining experience with patients which naturally progressed into teaching homeopathy. I taught at the College of Practical Homeopathy(CPH) in both London and Birmingham and became vice- principal of CPH London in 1994.

During my early days of teaching I observed a division in homeopathic education between the Classical and Practical approaches to homeopathy. This gave me the inspiration to found the Centre for Homeopathic Education(CHE) and integrate these two styles of homeopathy, to create a more rounded practitioner. 
CHE was founded in 1998 and was well received by the profession it led many practitioners to recommend the college as an excellent place to study homeopathy. Quite quickly CHE became the largest homeopathic college in the UK. In 2004 I was instrumental in creating the degree course in homeopathy for CHE with Middlesex University and to-day it remains as the only degree course in homeopathy in the UK.

 I have now been practising homeopathy for 25 years and run a busy practice in St John's Wood, central London. I have adopted a very open minded approach to practicing that includes many methodologies and a large spectrum of remedies. My principle doctrine is simply to use the most effective system of homeopathy that benefits the patient.

In 1992 I wrote my only published work Natural remedies. I have taught in different countries including America, Iceland and Hungary and have also lectured at various homeopathic conferences. "  
Gordon Sambidge




Lemons to Lavender: Natural Remedies

A guide to alternative, natural remedies for common ailments.