A one day seminar with David Needleman   

Saturday 1 March 2008  10am - 5pm


About the speaker

David Needleman is qualified as a Pharmacist in 1970, and worked in many different community environments, including his own shops. In 1987 he enrolled at the College of Homeopathy and there followed 4 years of hard but stimulating study. David started his practice in 1989 as a student practitioner and when he qualified in 1991 he already had the basis of a career. David continued to work as a a pharmacist by day and see patients in the evenings. In 1995 he began the process of setting up The Homeopathic Helpline and in April 1996 he took the first telephone call. 

About the seminar

David has gained vast experience in acute prescribing from running the  Helpline. Many homeopaths are very good at managing chronic cases, but often find acute prescribing difficult. How many of us have asked our patients who have rung the Homeopathic Helpline in our absence what advice David gave, and then wondered how he hits the spot in his prescribing?
David’s teaching style is easy to follow and he welcomes audience participation. David will share his insights and give practical information which will lead to effective prescribing.

What you will learn

  • The Secrets of Acute Prescribing - how to take the acute case in 2 minutes and prescribe in 3 minutes
  • The 10 most frequent acutes treated by The Homeopathic Helpline and how to find the best remedy
  • No 1 Remedies for common seasonal complaints
  • Top 10 childhood acutes
  •  What to do in a serious emergency 
  • Check list - when to refer to the doctor, what not to do.