a one-day seminar with Elizabeth Adalian

Saturday  11th November  2006  10 am  till  5 pm


About the speaker:

Elizabeth has been working as a homeopath for 20 years.   She has spent many years as a supervisor and teacher - both in UK and overseas.   Based on her work in war-torn countries such as former Yugoslavia and Ethiopia, she has become interested in the individual reaction to extreme trauma of this nature. 

About the seminar:

Elizabeth perceives 'stress' as very subjective based on susceptibility and inherited patterns of ancestral trauma. This trauma may have been experienced by one or both parents pre-birth, during the mother's pregnancy, or during the early life of the patient. The seminar will focus on people's reaction to everyday stress and also post-traumatic stress disorder.
Nowadays, with the upsurge in the number of refugees living in the UK, we need to be able to address the effects of stress in these patients. Stress in children may manifest in ADHD, anorexia, autism, drug abuse or self-mutilation, as examples.   This seminar will explore such issues as well as stress through the ages - e.g. post-childbirth, divorce or redundancy.   Alzheimer's is a growing phenomenon as the population lives longer and modern day influences impact. The technological age has distanced us from our inner worlds and family cohesion   Combined with influences such as chemical toxicity, noise impact and media scaremongery, this means that individuals may no longer be able to adapt- given the pace of change.   This is where homeopathy comes into its own.
Focus will be made on lesser-known remedies with a wide application for these states, breaking away from the stereotype of such remedies as Nux Vomica.  Opium is the obvious remedy in ptsd - but Morphinum is just as appropriate, especially where the patient presents with extreme sensitivity to pain.

Quotes from recent articles by Elizabeth Adalian in the ARH magazine Homeopathy in Practice