A one day seminar with Martin Miles

Saturday 24rd February 2007  

Martin Miles, one of Britain's most eminent homeopaths, was a student of Thomas Maughan. Martin has practiced homeopathy since 1974, and was a founder and the first chairperson of the Society of Homeopaths.  In 1977,  he co-founded of the College of Homeopathy, the first teaching institution for lay practitioners in England. Martin is a renowned and respected homeopath with a wealth of experience gained from his busy practice.

About the seminar

"Contained within the aura are the seven centers of power, called the chakras. Their more chemical adjuncts are the endocrine glands and sympathetic nervous system. These centers govern personality as we know it. They function to varying degrees and combinations in each individual and have a higher and lower expression – played out in our lives. It is the enriching and ennobling of thought, emotion and action which develops these centers and the individual on the spiritual quest of liberation from physical bondage, and they are profoundly influenced by homeopathy. If this is done consciously by both giver and receiver then the result will be enduring. Since we are subject to our glands of personality, it would do well to be consciously so." from “Homeopathy and Human Evolution” by Martin Miles

An introduction to the chakra system

  • How the chakra system is used in case analysis
  • Homeopathic remedies for each chakra
  • Related endocrine glands and organs
  • Three Dimensional Prescribing
  • Related endocrine glands and organs


Testimonials for Martin Miles seminar on Chakra's system

"Wow what can I say, I have just had a fantastic day, so insightful, truly fantastic. Thank you so much for organising it. C.T. student London
"Thank you for a truly inspiring day. I loved every minute!!" D.G. Hertfordshire

"Many thanks for organizing another wonderful day yesterday! Martin is so interesting and I would love to hear him talk on some of the new remedies he is working with. Any chance of a future seminar on this??" D. A-R. student Shropshire

“One of the best lectures I have attended... Lunch was delicious too, as always - in all a very successful day." J.H. Hetfordshire

 "Thanks for organising such a great seminar on Saturday.  Martin Miles was excellent, a real privilege to hear him speak.  The whole day was such a treat, meeting and chatting with others, browsing the books and products for sale, and a healthy lunch!  I will certainly be coming to more of your seminars." D.O. student Hetfordshire

"Excellent day! Another fabulous and informative seminar. Well done!" S.C. London

From seminar's feedback:

"Very satisfied. A very enjoyable day. I learned a lot today."
"It was brilliant!"