By: Galina Boggis-Rolfe Sunday, March 10, 2013 7:00:45 PM


a one day seminar with Hilery Dorrian 

Saturday 11th November   2006


About the speaker

Hilery has 25 years experience as a professional homeopath and runs a very busy practice in Surrey. Being a Chinese herbalist and an acupuncturist, she has a wealth of experience and a great interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine, including herbs. Her passion for the healing power of plants led her to create the Barefoot Botanicals natural skin care range in which she runs a general advice column on her website, specialising in skin conditions.  She is a regular lecturer for many colleges and is frequently asked to speak at various events.  Hilery  attracts  large audiences who always seem to be drawn to her enthusiasm and down-to-earth approach  

About the seminar

Recent years have seen a significant rise in patients presenting with colitis, IBS, Crohns, ulcers and a plethora of digestive disorders.  Food sensitivities are increasing, particularly in children.  Conventional medicine has few answers to these problems, and dietary changes often do not cure on their own.  Intelligent use of supplements, herbal remedies and superfoods are a place to start, and at this seminar, Hilery will share her tactics for detoxing and stimulating the digestive tract to function again.  Delegates will have the chance to learn her methods and the ‘recipes’ she has used successfully in clinics over a number of years.

Review of Hilery Dorrien's seminar on the Digestive System