An evening talk with 
Caroline Penn
Thursday 2nd  May 2013, 7 - 10 PM
“Osteopathy can facilitate deeper and more lasting results of (homeopathic) remedies… Homeopaths have much to learn from osteopaths… ” Colin Griffith, The Companion to Homeopathy. 
Galahomeopathy is delighted to welcome our new speaker Caroline Penn. Caroline has a special interest in homeopathy and has used it all of her practicing life for herself, her family and her patients. Caroline’s clinic offers a unique blend of care, dictated by Caroline’s belief in the gentlest approach for maximum benefit, so homeopathy fits perfectly with her philosophy. Hence Caroline, because of her homeopathic knowledge, is able to network effectively with homeopathic practitioners and enjoys a close working relationship with several homeopaths in Hertfordshire.
Caroline is often impressed by the success of osteopathy and homeopathy working together on her patients. She particularlylikes to work with thenew meditative remedies such asSycamore seed and Ayahuasca. Caroline can clearly see the effect of the acute homeopathic remedies as well as the constitutional treatment on her patients
On this talk Caroline will examine some of the challenges of modern life, parenting, education, and healthcare using examples from her own experience in recovering from head injury and from her 34 years of clinical practice as an osteopath, an advocate for homeopathy and a HANDLE practitioner.
Like homeopathy - osteopathy and HANDLE offer a gentle choice to those seeking to improvetheir health.  Their philosophies share common themes with homeopathy and can work well together.  Homeopathic remedies impact on the process of osteopathic treatment, even the idea of a remedy can have far reaching effects. You will find out how osteopathy canenhance the homeopathic process and vice versa.
Caroline will also talk about HANDLE - Holistic Approach to NeuroDevelopmental and Learning Efficiency.  HANDLE is not just about autism, behavioural problems and educational challenges. You will learnwhat is Neuro Development and why we areseeing more neurodevelopmental problems.