Hellis Hill



Hellis Hill has been interested in natural health since the birth of her first child over 20 years ago. She was a La Leche Leader giving help and support to breastfeeding mothers for 10 years. She qualified as a homeopath from the Centre for Homeopathic Education in 2005.

 Hellis has been on a journey since them in trying to understand what the blocks are that prevent healing taking place in each person and that can create repeated painful and sometimes protracted healing crises.

Hellis has always attracted extremely sensitive clients who have schooled her in the need to explore environmental, mental and spiritual blocks to healing. To assist in this process, Hellis learnt to do muscle testing with the homeopath, Sally Ann Hutchison, in a way that was appropriate in a homeopathic setting. From there, Hellis completed a Foundation course in Systematic Kinesiology. This has given her a practical understanding of how energy flows through the body and organs, using the Chinese medicine concept of the meridians. Using finger modes, she is able to determine what kind of influence is causing imbalances in the body, such as emotional, nutritional and electromagnetic and therefore what types of homeopathic remedies or other approaches are needed. 

Hellis discovered that she was electro-sensitive about 5 years ago, although she now realises that she had been experiencing symptoms for much longer. Since then she has been researching and testing ways of building resistance to electro-smog and finding effective protection devices out of the many that are being marketed. She gives clients information on how to reduce their exposure to the most powerful and damaging sources of electromagnetic and radio frequency (wireless) radiation. Hellis publishes articles on her website www.DiscoverHolisticHealth.co.ukwhere you can subscribe to her email newsletter.

Hellis is a practised and engaging speaker. She runs workshops in Sidcup and elsewhere to educate her clients about ways of undertaking their own healing and particularly to overcome the toxic effects of repeated negative thoughts. Before becoming a homeopath she was a management consultant running courses on leadership and other aspects of effective management.