Hilery Dorrian


Hilery Dorrian has 25 years of experience as a  homeopath, Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist.  Hilery started her career as an acupuncturist, qualifying from Leamington Spa in 1981. She went on to study Homoeopathy at the London College of Homoeopathy graduating in 1988. Homoeopathy quickly became her passion and she continued her studies in India.

Hilery is known as a fascinating speaker, her seminars and talks are always very practical and informative. Hilery attracts large audiences who always are drawn to her enthusiasm and down-to-earth approach.   She is a regular lecturer for many uomoeopathic colleges in UK and abroad and is frequently asked to speak at various events on homeopathy and Chinese medicine. Hilery teaches at many of the colleges in London and the South East; she is very involved in student supervision.

Hilery’s interest in the healing power of plants led her to create the Barefoot Botanicals natural skin care range and she runs a general advice column on her website, specialising in skin conditions.

Hilery runs a very busy practice in Lingfield, Surrey where she sees upwards of 50 patients a week. 


Hilery's seminars for Galahomeopathy.


A one-day seminar 
Sunday 6th November 2005


A one day seminar 
Saturday 3rd November 2007


Testimonials from Hilery's seminars


"Thanks for Saturday - it was great. Hilery is such good value; she is such a professional presenter.  She knows her brief, says what she's going to say, says it; and is very clear about what she won't be able to cover in the time.  In other words she has a realistic expectation of what she'll be able to cover in the time.  I really like that I didn't get the feeling there was stuff I really wanted to hear but we just didn't have time for."   M.B. homeopath, High Wycombe

"Thank you for organising the seminar on Saturday, it was wonderful." A.C. homeopath, Suffolk

It was a most interesting and informative day yesterday!" L.S. homeopath, London

"Hilery is fantastic. She is so generous with her knowlege." from the seminar feedback form.