Homeopathy and the Genetic Code

A one day seminar with Dr Yubraj Sharma

Saturday 9th of November 2013


It is so important to know about this topic as conventional science is ‘finding’ genes responsible for named diseases, so the accepted view is that our fate is determined by genes we did not choose; and the message sent out is that we cannot change them. Therefore we become a victim to our genes and our hereditary.  However on a basic quantum physics level it is the environment a gene is in that dictates how it will act, and on other levels the genes can also be influenced, thus we can change our genes. 



Dr Yubraj Sharma is a medically qualified homoeopath and a well-known teacher. He runs the School of Shamanic Homoeopathy – a four year undergraduate training in homoeopathy integrated with meditation, crystals, healing, herbalism, flower essences and spiritual training. Yubrajhas developed an integration of homoeopathy with many aspects of esoteric lore (such as theosophy, anthroposophy), ancient systems (e.g. Egyptian, Mayan, Chinese) and with wide-ranging topics such as art history, astrology and craniosacral medicine. He has written four books, including a 2 volume set called ‘Spiritual Bioenergetics of Materia Medica’. 

We are so excited to offer this rare opportunity to hear Dr Yubraj Sharma talk outside his own college. He is an amazing and inspirational teacher and his ability to bring many strands together in a working model is unparalleled. 
In this unique seminar Yubraj will teach you a deep understanding of the true nature of Genetic information. He will introduce new homoeopathic remedies, including remedies from potentised genes.
Yubraj will give a basic overview of conventional science approach to the Genetic code, including the nature of DNA, RNA, protein synthesis, cell division, chromosome and gene structure. Using his area of expertise in understanding the spiritual ramifications of these Yubraj will firstly look at how viruses affect the Genetic code and how this gets manipulated by biotechnology. Then looking at the laws of inheritance, Yubraj will explain how disease is passed on, and the relationship to homoeopathic miasmatic theory and family history patterns. 
This very deep and profound method can prove a fast and effective way to help our patients in their journey and alter their perceptions about their genes and ability to heal and their inheritance. 
You will also learn:
- Use of the I Ching when understanding the Genetic code.
- Allopathic distortion of the Genetic code, including prenatal gene diagnosis, gene therapy, stem cells and embryo research.
- How to download information from the Human Genome Project for making homoeopathic gene nosodes.
This seminar will include meditations and use of healing techniques on patients, and there is scope for sample gene remedies to undergo meditative proving during the seminar.
If there are particular genetic or inherited diseases that are particularly interesting or relevant to you, e.g. within your family history, then provide this information when enrolling onto the seminar. Time permitting, Yubraj may be able to provide some spiritual background to those diseases and prepare gene nosode remedies for those conditions to trial during or after the seminar. Please contact Galahomeopathy in advance.