New series of four seminars with Colin Griffith in 2012

Maintaining Causes and Difficult Cases.

3 March, 31 March, 28 April and 26 May 2012

Saturdays 10am - 5pm

“In modern homoeopathic repertories of symptoms there are rubrics in which to look up remedies that resolve the ill effect of environmental changes, old injuries, past diseases, excessive quantities of common but harmful foodstuffs, poisonous substances and mass of other influences. Any or all of these influences may be at work much of the time, adding layers of diverse energies that complicate symptom pictures.”  Colin Griffith, The Companion to Homeopathy. 

Galahomeopathy is delighted to welcome back one of our most popular speakers, Colin Griffith. Colin's seminars are always very informative and in high demand. Following on from last year’s successful series on homeopathy and the chakras, these new seminars will concentrate on well-known and less obvious maintaining causes and how the recognition and understanding of them can help to untangle difficult cases.

"One of the challenges to the homoeopath is to recognise all the possible reasons why the Vital Force should find itself incapable of throwing off disease. There are many factors that, until they are removed, will prevent the patient's full recovery. Practitioners of any healing art are constantly faced with patients who do not get better. Every apparent failure seems to refute the thinking behind the last prescription. So often this leads the practitioner to let his focus slip away from the patient and the all-important hunt for the underlying reasons for the continued illness." CG

21st century patients can be much more complex compared with patients of Hahnemann's time. Very often a constitutional prescription is not enough to address all the patient’s needs when their bodies, minds and spirits are profoundly at odds due to hereditary, parental and environmental influences, toxicity, past illnesses, accidents, unresolved grief and more. In these seminars Colin will concentrate on a better understanding of “the Law of Cure” and on how to identify hidden maintaining causes and miasmatic influences in order to come up with effective strategies to deal with what can be seen as difficult cases.

“For the treatment of chronic conditions is nothing less than the unfolding and resolution of past history through the present expression of physical and emotional and spiritual states.” CG

The intention of these seminars is to provide practitioners with new tools that they can take away to use in their practices. For that Colin is going to look at:

  • "Three dimensional prescribing" for those patients whose wholeness is threatened by lack of grounding and serious weaknesses in vital areas, both of which prevent long term healing by means of indicated remedies.

  • “Remedy triads”: combinations of three remedies prescribed on the indication of a condition set up in the patient's history and which constitutes a block to cure that has remained unresolved despite constitutional treatment.

  • Chakra method: the tool of understanding the principles of the subtle fluid energies of the body through the chakras and meridians. It provides an invaluable framework and gives a better understanding of any blockages that complicates the whole picture of the case.

  • The use of new remedies which, in their action, are indispensable to match the sheer complexity of modern patients' needs. 

Colin is going to present new unpublished meditative provings remedies: Blackbird Song, Bird’s Foot Trefoil, Beetroot, Australian Sandstone, Eyjafjalla (Volcanic Ash from Iceland), Neem.

This series of seminars is a unique opportunity for homeopaths to bring their own cases for full analysis and follow through. Cases have to be submitted in a written form before the first seminar and will be selected on a “first come, first served” basis. After the initial analysis of each case, in future seminars Colin will look at follow up appointments to see how the patient responded to the prescription and the next steps to be taken on their journey.