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5th November 2013
12th November 2013
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3rd December 2013
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Carol Boroughs describes her life as an "adventure in compassion". She believes that inner peace, wisdom and joy are the birthright of everyone and that they are achievable in a moment.
Following an international career in human resource management, Carol has spent the past ten years working as a holistic therapist, homeopathic practitioner, mentor and teacher. 
Carol describes the Three Principles teaching of Sydney Banks as being transformational in her life and her greatest desire is to help others to find the inner peace and well-being she has found through an understanding of the Three Principles.
Carol initially studied the Three Principles with Ian Watson, one of the first teachers to bring this work to the UK. She is now deepening her understanding even further as a member of the Three Principles Professional Institute where her mentors include Mara Gleason, Aaron Turner and Linda Pransky. 
This course is suitable for anyone wishing to find a less stressful life by accessing the inner peace and emotional resilience that is within us all.
Happiness is not dependent on anyone or anything outside of ourselves. Nothing needs to change for us to feel happy and fulfilled because this is our natural state of being. 
The Three Principles is an understanding of life first described by the late Sydney Banks which points people towards the innate well-being and peace of mind that is always available within us regardless of the outer circumstances of our lives.
By sharing her own insights arising from this understanding of the Three Principles, Carol creates a space for your own insights to arise. Carol gently signposts the way to a more fulfilling and stress-free life and helps you uncover your innate well-being.
This series of talks occurs over a six week period so that participants have a chance to observe the Three Principles in action in their own lives which leads to personal insights. For some people this happens very quickly, for others it takes more time and there are always deeper and deeper insights to have. The course is suitable for people who are completely new to the Three Principles or those who already have some understanding.
The group size is limited to a maximum of 5 to allow for rich interactions in a relaxing atmosphere. Each session is a gentle, relaxing experience without any need to discuss personal or painful issues. This small group work is a more affordable way to explore the Three Principles than one to one work but still highly effective. 
Treat yourself to an inspiring journey of personal discovery. It may just change the course of your life.

PRICE: £270