An evening talk with Myriam Shivadikar
Saturday, 24 September 2011
We live in a society that programs us to look young and defy ageing, yet each stage of life brings us something new and chalenging. Our aim is to support our female patients in embracing the ageing process gracefully, to see the benefits of it, and address any blocks, in order to achieve this amazing rite of passage
Galahomeopathy is delighted to present the new opportunity to focus on this rarely covered area of Woman's Middle life. Understanding how a Woman’s body works during this important time is the key to empowering our female patient to reach her full potential.
Myriam will be looking at both Women’s natural cycles and rhythms, and the different transient ‘States’ that a Woman passes through. Underlying this is her Genetic Soil (Miasm) and her Constitution. Understanding the Constitution is vital as from this one can work out which acute states can arise and which remedies, foods, herbal drainage and supplements suit the patient.
Myriam's classical and medical training combined with a practical and spiritual approach make her a unique teacher, known for her fresh and visual presentation style. Myriam uses her extensive homeopathic experience, along with insights from the Anthroposophical cycles of life and Astrological medicine,  to support the  “mind, body and spirit” of female patients of all ages.
What you will learn:
-  How to age well: Physical and spiritual wellbeing in 40’s and early 50’s. How to slow down the ageing process and bring acceptance. Female repertory and remedies. 
-  Rediscovering herself after 40:  “Empty nest” syndrome, a new start and finding yourself. Emotional middle age crises. Relationship problems. Female cancer, Carcinosin: “How to put yourself first”.
-  Approaching menopause healthily:  Balancing estrogen/progesterone before menopause. Hormonal shifts and their significance; how to use them positively instead of being a victim to them.  Are the hot flushes beneficial? Slowing down metabolism.
-  Adrenalin and adrenal exhaustion: Signs and symptoms of adrenal fatigue. Natural energy sources. Foods, herbal drainage, supplements and  lifestyle measures to support.
-  Beauty: How to access inner beauty and assist it naturally. Ageing skin and body. Weight problems.