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An evening talk with Myriam Shivadikar


About the speaker Read Myriam's profile here.

About the talk

Every ancient civilisation used astrology for forecasting events, promoting health and in the prevention of disease. The alchemists used astrology and based prescriptions on the patient’s planetary constitution. As a physician, we need to understand patients in order to treat them. The best physician can predict a disease before it occurs- Why wait for a person to get sick?

This simple yet effective system of astrology is based on ancient wisdom using Planetary Cycles and popularised by Robin Murphy. You do not need to have prior knowledge of ‘Western Astrology’ to use this system.


What you will learn

  • Your constitutional 3 main planets based on your date and time of birth

  • The 7 sacred planets

  • 7 year cycles – How to predict and prevent diseases.

  • Diseases and remedies associated with each planet


Date and time

10 April 2008  7.15 - 10 pm



£15 ( £12 for students and HH members) including refreshments.

CPD certificates and handouts will be provided.